GWT Components Project

GWT Components (GWTCOMP) is a set of re-usable graphical components for developing rich web applications. GWTCOMP is developed using the  Google Web Toolkit (GWT) framework and it supplements the features and services provided  by GWT and other widget libraries. GWT is a popular framework from Google for developing Ajax applications using the Java programming language instead of HTML, Javascript and other scripting languages. Whereas the GWT framework provide low-level graphical objects for handling basic functions like buttons, images, text box, etc., GWTCOMP provide more complex graphical objects that are needed by real-life applications. An example of such an object is the Live Data Panel that enables applications to display and update charts in real-time using a data source that resides in the server.

GWTCOMP comes with a set of classes that can be used for:

  1. User interface development: a set of high-level visual widgets for common GUI tasks like creating lists and tables, wizards, data entry forms, etc.
  2.  Client-side utilities: common utility for rendering HTML, convenience classes for file upload,  client-side validators, developing context-independent code, etc.
  3. Server-side classes: servlets for common tasks, etc.

Please feel free to try it out. We have created javadocs, code samples and sample style-sheets for you so that you can adopt it easily.

We will develop new components based on what we need for other CafeSip projects and based on your feedback. To provide feedback, contact common@CafeSip.


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